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KLANGFARBEN V for chamber orchestra - the finale..
the finale to my KLANGFARBEN I - V chamber symphony of altogether 18:10 length..
Classical - Contemporary
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joe nickerson
SUISA 2010
June 05, 2010
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3:56 minutes
Story behind the song
the finale to my klangfarben I - V chamber symphony.. the five pieces now total 18:10.. in the finale i was interested in the canonic, polyphonic, contrapuntal and fugal aspects of the structure as well as the timbral, dynamic, syntactical and temporal dimensions and the proliferation of instruments and notes in building the peaks.. some unplanned tonal phrases found they're own way into the various forms of the harmonic schemes.. at 3:56 I'm feeling positive about creating a substantial and worthy finale to the set KLANGFARBEN I - V .. thanks for listening :-)
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