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Stripebound - Threads Or Endings
Metal - Alternative Metal
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June 10, 2010
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One more story to tell, another fairy tale what can i say, this, this is just another god damned day what can i tell you today, when, when everything is the same what do you wanna hear? how can i feed your ear? what do you wanna hear? about my day? my night? how many beers? if there was a fight? did i, did i get the nobel prize? i´m racking my brain to find the words, the words to say that will keep you amused but i´m getting confused i´m broke, i´m hungry, i need, i need something i´m tired i´m thirsty, i´m lonely, H.O.R.N.Y this is just another day when nothing happened, nothing went my way no story to tell, no, no torture, no hell, no story to tell, no, no torture, no hell no one died, no one died, and i did´nt get the f*** ing prize