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Down the Rabbit hole
A full blown psychedelic trip . . .! thanks to Lewis Caroll and The Beatles etc...
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
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David A Briggs
David A Briggs
August 27, 2010
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Story behind the song
This is a song 'Inspired' by Alice in Wonderland, The Beatles and all the great 'psychedelic' songs from the glorious 'trippy' mid to late 1960's. Maybe you'll find this a particulally British psychedelic experience, with it's emphasis on 'Whimsey'. ?
Down the Rabbit hole . . . c David A Briggs 2010 This carpet that I'm sitting on, could take me for a ride, so lets take a 'trip', into the wide blue purple yonder, Looking down on waves, of emotion. Sail the seven seas, to a cave of elaborate dreams, Gemstones and Diamonds shine in the night. The sands are deserted, the dancers have been alerted, they've run-out to watch the tide coming in. The timer it is ticking, all the sand, it is slipping, right down into the place there below. I don't want to be 'hard-boiled' , or my trip, it could be spoiled. . . . 'A converstion with a white rabbit'. . . . a section of 'Creative writing' . . . c David A Briggs 2010 . . . Narrator . . . "I seem to be going wrong" White Rabbit . . . " You've got to turn to the right, but others I know would say that left is the only way. It just depends on your point of view" " I'd better take the middle way then, just to be safe" and so on . . . High on a mountain-top, I contemplate my place in the universe . . . Mountain Tops (part two) c David A Briggs 2010 There are times when time is standing still. There are times when emptiness can fill. The space between us, spinning like a top. There are times when, we'd like the world to stop . . . Free your body, let your thought fly free, lose your eyes now, then you'll really see. Let the wind blow, softly through your mind, There's a place there, just search and you will find. All lyrics by David A Briggs . . . with thanks of inspiration to George Harrison for part two. with thanks to Lewis Caroll . . . an 'Inspirartion'.
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