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Bang Bang B B Gun (snipplet)
1. I do not discriminate against race, just against idiots. 2. My neighbor's stupidity inspired me to do this lil' track.
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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September 10, 2010
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1:04 minutes
(chorus) Bang, Bang, b b gun Shootin' up Sunoco Give me all your dough, ho And it's off to Puerto Rico Oh, no, Po-po's Knockin' on the front door You got no where to go, so I guess it's off to jail you go (verse) Nine black bags They confiscated all in one day Maybe someday you'll get a job And earn your money the hard way What'd you think, this is BK? You thought you could have it your way And get away on your nieces Pink bike, get a life Brotha... You's an ugly mutha Every week I see ya mowin' the lawn with a weed wacker "Cuz you can't afford a real one You're too busy gettin' your deal done Lat at night, in front of your house Packin' a modified b b gun . . . (excue me sir, but you left your mac receits on top of the machine) . . . Aye, yo, Beral No job & no payroll The neighborhood's waitin' For your house to go up for sale I suppose we all should thank you For goin' out on your lil' run We owe it all to you And your modified b b gun