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The Devil's Square Dance
If your going to sacrifice virgins, you might as well have a little fun with it.
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Chris Shattuck
September 17, 2010
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Story behind the song
The music for this track was created over 10 years ago, while the vocal tracks have only recently been recorded. This is a true test of going back and finishing lost work.
Death metal music, it soothes my wicked soul Death metal music, it soothes my wicked soul Gather 'round, put on your goat pants - Everybody do The Devil's Square Dance Grab a partner, don't be shy - Raise your pitchforks to the sky Do-si-do in Satan's hand - Promenade, then slaughter the lamb Pull out the heart, dry out the skin - Sacrifice your next of kin Now swing your virgin forward and back - Half sashay, then throw her in a sack Light the candles, put on a cape - Don't give her any hope of escape Dress her up in robes of fur - Now hand her off to Lucifer Pass the ocean then drain her blood - Naked orgy in the mud Now bow to your partners, don't be a jerk - (worshipping Satans a lot of work) Strangle yourself till you piss your pants - And that's how ya do The Devil's Square Dance
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