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Grandpa And Me
Single - $1.00
Country - Alternative Country
Previous peak charts position #186
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #28
Roger Elliot, ASCAP/Rory D Ruff, ASCAP
LOC 2010
October 01, 2010
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Grandpa And Me Dreams and memories my grandpa and me A stubborn old man with so much love That others didnt see Worked so hard his whole life Out there in them fields You could see it in his eyes He was tough as steel, but gentle as a fly Oh the memories of my Grandpa and me (Bridge) Walking through the woods with an old cane pole Following the creek to our old fishing hole The wisdom he shares, with so much love With so much care (Chorus) Do all you can, grow to be a man Treat a woman like a lady Tip your hat and hold the door Have peace of mind, and you will find She'll love you even more When a love grows, and your heart shows... The good and bad all you need to have Is a love thats true and son Theres nothing you cant get through (2nd Verse) Dreams and memories my grandpa and me Walking through the woods paths between the trees Following the creek, In a peace we seek All his love and wisdom, In dreams we keep Sharing a love, Clinging to a memory Times we spent my granpa and me Dreams that fade, memories we made He and his cane pole Walking to our fishing hole (Bridge 2) Walkin through the woods Me and my old cane pole Following the creek To that old fishing hole Remembering his words And all the love he shared How I wish he was here (Chorus)
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