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Si by LherrX
Rock - Rock Unplugged
Previous peak charts position #776
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #22
LherrX Manares
LherrX Manares
November 30, 2010
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128 kbps bitrate
2:42 minutes
Story behind the song
SLEEPING BEAUTY was the old title of this song.
These unwanted things will pass Like the weeds and like the grass Never follow what they say 'Coz you know that there's a way There's a way for you and me There's a road that no one see Hold my hand and let me lead Take a step so we may live Dream with me while I'm awake Imitating my mistake Amor nunca palla, si! Never fails that's love for me Night's soon over, morn is nigh Easy girl 'coz we'll get by We will live if we will leave This cruel place that we don't need You know that I'm here for you There is nothing we can't do All we have to do is fight With our strength, our force, our might We both know that it's so hard But in the end there's a reward Copyright 2005 by LherrX Manares