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We Live
An upbeat, melodic celebration of human existence through the ages and a reflection of our present chaotic, self-destructive existence.
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F. J. Serafim
F. J. Serafim
March 22, 2019
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Thriving in a world beyond control, Striving to make sense of what we're told Flying across the continents, Building towers and roads We cast our image far and wide, All to make it known We've lived! We live, We live, We live Even early man left his mark, With monuments and enigmatic art We search for love and raise our kids, Our spirit never dies We call upon a higher God, So nothing can ever deny We've lived! We live, We live, We live Evolution is our driving force, The question is our quality at source Laughter, lust, humility, Sorrow, pride and shame There's no end to what we are, Survival our prime aim We've lived! We live, We live...
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